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February 2024  1 post

I have a bluesky account @marcusdenker.bsky.social

November 2023  1 post

Pragma: Preserving Identity and Adding #sourceNode

September 2023  1 post

My Talks at ESUG 2023

June 2023  2 posts

Reflective read of SuperVariable (and what is ‘super’ anyway?)  ·  Simplifying the encoding of source pointers in Pharo12

May 2023  4 posts

Improving reading self in the Debugger for Clean Blocks Improving thisContext in the Debugger using First Class Variables Constant Blocks in Pharo11 Fun with Clean Blocks: Speeding up Dictionary>>#at:

December 2022  3 posts

Evaluating code with Syntax Errors How do we use Blocks? Some Numbers Improved Inspector for CompiledBlocks and BlockClosures

April 2021  3 posts

Three Talks about Programming Systems as Infinite Games  ·  Modeling Variable Shadowing, part III  ·  Modeling Variable Shadowing, part II

March 2021  3 posts

First Class Variables: speeding up reflective variable access of indexed variables Modeling Variable Shadowing Proposal: Simplify How Pragmas are stored

November 2020  2 posts

Annotate Everything! Properties on the Structural Model Finding Unused Variables: An example for First Class Variables

September 2020  5 posts

A Compiler Overlay to simplify changing the Compiler A lesson in Big Bang Change Speeding up Pragma Access, Part II. Reflecting on self, super and thisContext Speeding up Pragma Access

August 2020  1 post

I now have a Blog!