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My Talks at ESUG 2023

The last week of August ESUG happend again. Here are links to the talks I gave:

Soil And Pharo

A short discussion of which problems we have in Pharo that a simple OO Database like Soil could solve. This was the second part of the Soil Presentation (Norbert did an introduction to Soil and demo before).

Soil did get an innovation award (2nd Place)!

Constant Blocks in Pharo

This is a talk version of the blog post, explaining Constant Blocks are they are compiled by default in Pharo11.

Demo: thisContext in the Debugger”

This was part of the Show us your Project” Demos. It presents the work described in this blog post.

Videos should be available in 2-3 weeks

Posted on September 5, 2023   #Pharo     #ESUG  

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